STP Forex Broker

Fund protection is important for all clients, and as a licensed and regulated financial institution we safeguard our clients by adopting high levels of fund security.

Security of Funds

We appreciate and understand the security of clients’ funds and we have implemented the highest measures of fund security to ensure our clients can trade with confidence and remain protected at all times.

Segregation of Client Funds

Client's funds are segregated completely with the companies operational funds and are kept in leading banks. Regulatory protocol restricts the company from using client's funds for operational purposes, ensuring full protection at all times.

No Conflict Trading

As Kridex operates the STP (agency) model there are no conflicts of interest between the broker and its clients. The no-risk operation means that Kridex does not make money on client's losses and in turn does not suffer losses when client's make profits, all gains are settled by bank liquidity providers and therefore there is no broker risk to client's funds.

Fund Administration and Audit

In order to maintain our international forex licence and regulated status, Kridex is independently audited by a third party professional organisations and we are obliged to submit regular in-depth reports to regulators to ensure best-practice at all times. Furthermore, we meet strict financial standards and maintain capital adequacy levels.

Regulated Liquidity Providers

Kridex strictly deals with regulated financial institutions to execute trades, these include tier one banks as our main liquidity providers to ensure that the entire process flow of executing your orders remains without conflict and with full transparency.

Encrypted Account Management

To ensure safety and security at all times, Kridex has implemented SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security protocol to guarantee a secure and private connection for all communications, protect customers during their transactions and keep all information private.

The advanced security technologies include user identification and server authentication, data transmissions encryption to prevent data loss, and protection from unauthorised third party access.

Trade with Zero Spreads
We know the most important aspect of trading is low spreads, and we've sourced the best pricing possible so that all of our clients can benefit from spreads starting from zero (0) pips on the majors, we also offer some of the lowest commodities spreads (Gold, Silver and Oil) and our Indices spreads are highly competitive to make sure no matter what you trade, you will trade with the best spreads available.
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