Advanced technology delivers accelerated performance. The Equinix LD4 data-centre uses low latency connections to co-located liquidity banks for faster execution speeds.

Accelerated Execution through Technology

As an STP broker with direct to market trading to the world's leading banks, order execution quality is critical to our client's success. Behind the scenes technology allows Kridex to support excellent trading conditions with equally impressive execution speeds and quality. At the heart of our brokerage is our trading server which is located at the highly regarded Equinix LD4.

The Equinix Financial exchange is the leading provider in date-centres with LD4 located at London's financial centre, and hosts a large network of trading hubs and bank servers to allow us to provide you with the lowest latency connections to the best liquidity banks.

Low Latency Trading, Faster Execution & Accurate Fills

As any delays in execution trades often costs traders money, low latency and direct to markets execution is a crucial aspect that many brokers choose to ignore. Kridex has developed a network of global data-centres that are connected to Equinix LD4 on a high-spec network using fibre optics.

You will feel the difference when trading with Kridex and will definitely benefit from lower latency connectivity, faster execution with high levels of accuracy to save you money and add to your trading profits.

Connection Point Options

There are more than 20 strategically located access points to ensure that you can quickly connect to the network locally to experience faster execution and lower latency. Once connected, you can access main server through fibre-optics all under one network.

How can a VPS improve my Trading?

Trading using a VPS is very popular amongst EA traders and strategies that rely on fast and uninterrupted connections. Our VPS servers are located in London, UK, and will allow the benefits of connecting from London, save many 100's of milliseconds of latency and will provide you with a permanent connection without interruptions

Free Forex VPS
Boost your trading performance, efficiency and execution speeds to add extra pips to your profits with a free Forex VPS. Kridex provides a free, high-specification Forex VPS located in London so clients can benefit from the fastest order execution speeds, more accurate filling and statistically much less slippage.
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