You will get a guaranteed Cash Back for every trade you make on the Kridex Classic account, the Cash Back is paid for all symbols and all winning or losing trades.
If you prefer to receive extra trading power up-front, take the 20% trading bonus to boost your deposit value and give yourself extra margin to take on the markets.


  • Create a live Classic account
  • Upload your verification documents
  • Deposit minimum $100
  • Cash Back will be credited automatically to your trading account or to separate account
  • Cash Back is credited instantly when trade is closed
  • Cash Back is based on 0.4 pips, the pip value of the symbol will define the notational value, e.g. 1 lot of EUR/USD is equal to $4 per lot
  • Maximum cash back is unlimited
  • Trade a minimum of 10 lots per month to qualify
  • Available on: Classic Account
  • Participating traders must request set up of cash back by email support@kridex.com
  • Volume counted from deposit date
  • General promotions terms and conditions apply

  • The bonus provides up to 20% trading power and can be lost
  • Welcome Bonus can be used for margin
  • Minimum deposit is $100 - Maximum bonus per deposit is $200, Total multiple claims is $5,000
  • Welcome Bonus is credited upon deposit
  • Available on: Classic account
  • Bonus available for 60 days
  • Bonus sum credited cannot be withdrawnprofits can be withdrawn once trading requirements are met (within 60 days)
  • Trading requirements: For every $1 in bonus received, the Client must trade 0.3 lots. For example, deposit $200, receive $40 bonus, and in order to withdraw profits the Client must trade (40*0.3 = 12 lots)
  • Volume requirement starts from bonus credit date
  • Claim Bonus by email support@kridex.com or live chat

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$4 Cash Back (Rebates) Per Lot OR 20% Trading Bonus? You Choose! READ MORE