A Broker On Your Side

About Kridex

Kridex is a Broker on your side, it was founded by a group of Forex market professionals, with many decades of experience. This know-how allows us to offer ultimate market conditions, low cost trading with high quality order execution to benefit serious traders and to make sure each client has access to a Forex broker that encourages trading success. This new approach allows our clients' to trade with full confidence and freedom.


Our mission is to provide the best possible trading environment with the lowest trading costs, unlimited possibilities and the highest quality order filling to enhance your trading experience and to support you in becoming a successful Forex trader. We fully understand the Forex markets and know what traders need to succeed, this know-how is implemented across all Kridex accounts which gives client's a truly unique and exceptional trading experience.

Fast, Accurate and Transparent

In order to deliver on our commitments, Kridex uses the ECN/STP execution model so that our traders can benefit from trading the real Forex markets, with speed and precision and the confidence their broker is not trading against them or manipulating their trades.

Fast execution to the real markets relies on technology and liquidity, these aspects are our highest priorities, therefore we utilise the best possible technology infrastructure, the Equinix Financial Exchange for MT4 server hosting and a global network of connection points for the fastest connectivity.

Clients have access to trade with multiple leading banks, ECNs and a deep pool of liquidity to make sure we can provide the highly accurate order execution with unbeatable low spreads and highest level of trader execution quality.

Our ultimate target is to provide an environment that is fast, accurate and transparent that will encourage trader confidence and to build long-term relationships. We are confident that once you try Kridex, you will appreciate the amazing low trading costs, high execution quality and unrestricted conditions and agree that Kridex should be your number 1 broker.

Free Forex VPS
Boost your trading performance, efficiency and execution speeds to add extra pips to your profits with a free Forex VPS. Kridex provides a free, high-specification Forex VPS located in London so clients can benefit from the fastest order execution speeds, more accurate filling and statistically much less slippage.
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