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Program №3443 allows clients to copy proven trading strategies and achieve potentially high yield returns. The program introduces manual traders, automated strategies and portfolios with high performance levels and low to medium risk. Followers remain in full control with the ability to copy specific trade sizes for risk controls, close copied trades at any time and even trade on the account.

Program: Trending FX - Managed Account | Trade Copy

The automated trading system was developed around a successful day trading strategy which takes advantage of short-term market movements on multiple major forex pairs. The EA targets weekly gains of 5% -10% and monthly as much as 40%.

Risk is kept as low as possible by focusing on short term trades, this helps the system to avoid unexpected market reversals, breakouts and high-impact events and allows for impressive profitable trades and drawdown statistics.

Method: Managed Account | Trade Copy
Minimum Investment: $1,000
Performance Fee: 25%
Risk Level: Medium
Estimated Max DD: 10%
Target Monthly Return: 15-30%
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Investment Strategies categorised as low to medium risk are available based on past results and performance statistics.
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Put your funds to work for you by copying the trades of a proven investment strategy with high yield returns potential.
No Trading Experience Required
No experience, knowledge or skills are required to benefit from the unique opportunities the financial markets offer.
Low Minimum Investment
Investing in Forex is open to anyone; you can copy trades with a low investment starting from only $250 or more.


Choose the strategy and risk level that fits your goals and invest now!


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